• The first time video filmed for TV. It was an interesting experience for me, and I am grateful for the help Kangaroo in purchasing. I visited the shooting, learned many interesting things. Cool, that the project took from start to finish. Special thanks to Anastasia for creativity and strong nerves. Stas for what quickly resolve urgent issues. Yura thanks for directing the look and perception of interesting frame. Sergei thank you organized a great team. I hope that we will be sure to remove the new commercials. Good luck!

    Sincerely, Dmitry Demchenko

  • "Vetranet" Company expresses its sincere gratitude creative agency «KENGURU» for a high level of professionalism, as well as timely, complete and high quality performance of its obligations on videoprodakshena and design. We hope for further fruitful cooperation and effective implementation of joint advertising campaigns.

    Director of Marketing and Advertising Soloviev N.A., director of

  • We cooperate with The Production Studio “KENGURU” for the first time. Choosing the studio for realization of our ideas, first of, we studied their ready-made works and well-developed buisness offer. A decisive factor for us was the excellence of the team, their attention to details and understanding of a difficult complex process of shooting. Thanks to the creative group of the studio, the director and the cameraman, we enjoyed work, got invaluable experience and the beautiful emotional informative commercial. Its task was to present our bank as the Bank No. 1 for small and medium businesses and more over as reliable and comfortable bank for investors. We consider that we received the necessary result.

    Senior specialist in PR of “ProCreditBank” Kalinovskaya Olga

  • On behalf of the Helaplant company I award a commendation to the wonderful staff of the KENGURU company for the excellent commercial. Separate gratitude to Anastasia for the creative idea of the video, to Olga for efficiency and understanding, and to the whole staff for conscientious work. We are really very glad for choosing you.

    Yours faithfully, Anatoliy Kotyay - the advertizing manager of “Helaplant” Ltd.

  • With this letter I would like to thank the CA "KENGURU" for the creative approach of creating a flash-presentation about Dnipropetrovsk city. Our special gratitude is to your colleagues, Barskaya Tatyana and Victor Moroz, who worked directly with us to achieve this goal.They showed professionalism, creativity and responsibility in the preparation of Dnepropetrovsk city presentational materials and as a result, they created a new image of the product. We wish the company success and prosperity!

    Deputy Director of Departament N.O.Chernyshova